A Little About Myself……

Hello…… 🙂

My name is Natasha and I am 25 years of age. I am from a town in South Wales called Carmarthen, living in a small little village just outside called Abergwilli. In September 2013 I moved to Bristol, to go to university. Deciding to go to university at the age of 25 and moving away from home and the life I had made for myself since leaving school was a drastic change. Since leaving school at the age of 17 I had worked in various different roles throughout the health sector, starting off as a domiciliary carer, working as a support worker within the adult, children and adolescent mental health teams within Carmarthenshire and finishing up as a support worker within a company called Crossroads, which provided rest bite care to individuals and their families within the community – which allowed service users to remain living at home whilst giving their families a break. I thoroughly enjoyed my role within the Crossroads team. When I was 22, I decided that I wanted to create a better life for myself and decided to go back to college to undertake an access course, which I did part time alongside my job. After completing 1 year of my access course I applied to University to study Diagnostic Imaging, I got an offer from a few universities but decided that I wanted to study at UWE. September 2013 came and I moved to the Glenside campus halls and very nervously started my first day in uni.


This is the September 2013 Cohort, Diagnostic Imaging

Outside of academia, I have a dad, called Chris, a mum, called Gaynor and a (not so) little sister called Laura. Laura also attended UWE to study Diagnostic Imaging and is now a qualified radiographer, she helps my greatly within my course. I have a dog, called Lillie who is a miniature jack Russell and has a very loving/naughty personality and gets up to all sorts of mischief when nobody is watching. I also have a partner called Ben, to whom I recently got engaged to. I am very lucky in the respect that I have so much support in what I am currently doing from family and friends.


I have made lots of friends in uni and also have friends that live in Carmarthen. In Bristol I live with two fellow radiography students, Jessica and Rob and also Liam who is a student paramedic. In my spare time I enjoy socializing with friends, reading, watching films and driving. I have played the piano since a very young age and also enjoy swimming and motor sport. I enjoy going back home at weekends to see my family, friends and also my dog, who is being looked after by my parents whilst I am at university. Whilst at university I have a job as a radiography assistant and I am looking forward to still having an active involvement within the radiography world alongside my studies and placements.

I have an interest in Forensic Radiography and one day I would like to specialize within this field, also having a keen interest in anthropology and forensics.

More information can be found on forensic radiography here:


I have started this blog as part of my second year radiography studies, aiming to learn how to write reflectively and to improve my communications skills.



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